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I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think, for one second, I am one of them.

-my name is Sonni or Boxcar
-equal rights feminist vegan
-25 years old & madly in love
- SF born, Oakland resident
- vegan cook & mouthy bar rat
-Supernatural/Marvel/Star Trek

my house is haunted
i take my clothes off
i dye my hair a lot & can out drink you
I make and sell bomb vegan food

    why i love laura of vegansaurus:

     Grist has a good piece up investigating our cheese consumption and how it’s killing the planet. And it is, even Grist agrees, which is saying a lot, because they love to waffle on issues such as this. The non-vegan author writes, “Bottom line: The vegans are right.” READ IT AND WEEP OVER YOUR WEDGE OF BRIE, YOU SELFISH IDIOT. Sorry, that kind of vindication is sweet when it comes and I can’t help but go Full Asshole. I’m sorry, I am a weak and bad person. So even though it’s true, she makes some plea to eat organic, sustainable cheese or whatever but that shit is hella hard to find, not long-term sustainable, and super expensive, so why not just go balls to the wall and quit eating the stuff? I know you’re all, “WAH WAH BUT CHEESE IS BETTER THAN SEX WAH” and to that I say, “Dang, you must be really bad at sex then.” Learn how to properly pleasure yourself and GO VEGAN!

    — 3 years ago
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